Feature Video

There’s no better way to demonstrate the power of the ROQlogic Media Center than to show it in action. So here are some feature videos that highlight specific capabilities, features and functionality of the platform. We will be adding to selection of “One Minute Matinees” over time, so come back often! Enjoy.

Feature Video: Search and Edit Content

The Media Center can host an extremely broad range of content—from eCards, flyers, brochures, newsletters, postcards, social media posts and timeline covers, posters, audio, video, etc. That’s why we’ve engineered the platform to make if very easy to locate exactly what you want with as few clicks as possible.

Once your users have found what they’re looking for, they can edit, customize and personalize the content right on the page. Changes are updated in real time and ready for sharing to the channel of their choice.

Feature Video: Image/Video Carousel

The Media Center allows for a company to provide several options for adding or editing an image or video in a template:

  • Image Carousel: A pre-determined selection of images or videos that can be presented in an “Image Carousel.” The user simply scrolls through the available assets, clicks on it in the Carousel and it’s immediately populated on the page.
  • Select from a Media Center library: Again, select the image or video and it will populate on the page.
  • Upload from your computer: One click allows the user to upload an image or video from their computer for placement in the asset region.

Feature Video: MLS Integration

The Media Center’s data feed capability allows the platform to access a web service other data feed from our clients and use it to auto-populate information on a template. This is particularly useful in a real estate environment where Multiple Listing Service data can be made readily available when editing a property listing template. Depending on the feed, it can include such things as address, price, descriptions, etc., as well as multiple photos.

Feature Video: eNewsletters

The drudgery of building an online eNewsletter is over. The ROQlogic Media Center makes that process simple, intuitive and extremely flexible. Whether your company is in real estate, direct selling or a similar industry where you have a distributed sales organization, the Media Center is the ideal platform for creating compelling marketing materials… including amazing eNewsletters.