Media Center Features

Feature: Single sign-on integration

Single Sign-On Integration

The Media Center can be configured to handshake with your user back office. We can integrate via webservices to validate current consultants, affiliates or agents and identify specific roles based on your feed.

Features: Multi-language, multi-national localization

Multi-Language, Multi-National Localization

The Media Center interface features support for multiple languages. Likewise, content can be filtered according to specific users in their markets and languages.

Features: Branded interface and home page

Branded Interface & Home Page

The Media Center can be styled to reflect your corporate branding. The home page can be configured with quick-links to help files and videos and buttons that are designed to put what’s important to your users right in front of them. Its flexible design allows for your custom promotional messaging as well.

Features: Optimized for mobile

Optimized for Mobile

We’ve optimizedthe Media Center for use on your tablet or smartphone. It features the same functionality, flexibility and marketing power, only streamlined for ease-of-use on your mobile devices.

Features: Exclusively branded content

Exclusively Branded Content

The content in the Media Center is uniquely yours… not just generic, pre-existing templates. Our comprehensive permissions architecture can conform to your particular needs. This ensures that the right content is in the right hands and what can or can’t be customized.

Features: Personalized content

Personalized Content

The personalization of Media Center content is not limited to just attaching a basic and formulaic “footer” to the content. Personalization such as profile photos, logos, contact info, social media and custom generated personal web page links can be woven into any template design.

Features: Comprehensive content search

Comprehensive Content Search

It’s easy to find what you’re looking for, or to narrow your search during browsing. Easily search by keyword, filter by topic, type, language, region, trending, most popular, etc.

Features: Our contact manager is your contact manager

Our Contact Manager is Your Contact Manager

We’ve built our Contact Manager to access your existing contacts via webservices to ensure your users are only managing one set of contacts. Don’t have your own Contact Manager? We got you covered there too.

Features: Robust email system

Robust eMail System

Hundred of millions of Media Center emails go out every year. Our proven email platform ensures rock-solid reliability and an extremely high deliverability rate. You can share with confidence that your marketing efforts reach their intended targets.

Features: Wide range of content types

Wide Range of Content Types

The Media Center is your one-stop portal for all your marketing needs:

Custom eCards, eNewsletters, Social Media Posts, Video, Audio, Images, Files, Flyers, Brochures, Online Flipbooks and Slide Presentations, Postcards and more.

Features: Multi-channel sharing

Multiple-Channel Sharing

Whether it’s via email, online, social media or download, your users can readily share their marketing from a single, centralized platform.

Features: Integrated print-on-demand services

Integrated Print-on-Demand Services

Once you’ve created your marketing masterpiece, you can send it off to be professionally printed with a click of the mouse. Also available is a wide range of mailing and distribution options. The service is value-priced for smaller quantities and quick turnaround. Send it off and you have it in your hands in a couple of days.

Features: Robust reporting

Robust Reporting

You are provided with a comprehensive set of reporting and activity tools—at both the corporate admin and user levels. It’s a great way to keep track of what’s working and what’s not, allowing for critical course corrections in how and what you do in your marketing efforts.

Features: Corporate utilization

Corporate Utilization

While the Media Center is the ideal marketing tool for your sales network, it also serves as a potent communication tool for your corporate needs. It’s perfect for centralized hosting of your video and other assets—allowing you to send communications within your corporate structure or company messaging to the field.

Features: World-class technology

World-Class Technology

The Media Center is fully hosted in Amazon’s world-class AWS cloud to ensure data protection, maximum uptime and scalability. The platform has been designed and structured to fully meet tomorrow’s needs and demands.