ROQlogic Launches “One-Minute Matinee” Video Series

There’s no better way to demo our software than to show it in action. That’s why we’ve created our “One-Minute Matinee” video series. Each 60-second morsel will highlight a particular feature, capability or functionality of our powerful content marketing platform. They will be posted right here on our blog, on the Video page of our website and on our Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin social sites.

There is no voice-over… just a hot music track and on-screen graphics to support the message. They’re fast-paced, fun to watch and will give you a good idea of how the ROQlogic Media Center can be the central marketing portal for your business. Posted here is the first of the series, “Searching and Editing Content.” New “One-Minute Matinee” videos will be added as the weeks go by. Don’t miss them!

jeffaronsonROQlogic Launches “One-Minute Matinee” Video Series

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