Empower your Brokers and Agents to Become Marketing Experts… Literally Overnight.

Your agents shouldn’t be expected to be copywriters and graphic designers. They should do what they do best—building relationships with sellers and buyers. With the ROQlogic Media Center, they can be creating and sharing professionally designed and highly personalized marketing materials—virtually in minutes.

Empower your brokers and agents

Put Real Marketing Power in their Hands.

The ROQlogic Media Center makes their job not only easier, but more effective. It only takes minutes to create compelling materials to promote themselves and their listings.

It’s also a great tool for your marketing team to promote your company as well as communicate to those within your organization.

Knowledge is Power. Power is What We Deliver.

With a single click, you get both a 30,000-foot and ground-level view of your efforts. See what’s working and what’s not. Or which sharing channel is performing the best. It allows you to make course corrections and boost the effectiveness of your business.

Monitor and track your efforts

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