Leverage your real estate marketing dollar

Leverage your Real Estate Marketing Dollar

In today’s competitive real estate marketplace, it’s crucial that companies squeeze the most out of their marketing investment. The ROQlogic Media Center does just that—it maximizes your marketing efficiency and effectiveness. It’s a centralized portal where real estate companies can leverage their marketing dollar and make materials readily available to their staff, brokers and agents.

More More Marketing Mileage from your Content

The beauty of the system is that it consolidates one’s marketing efforts. Create it once, share it many. For example, a single flyer could be downloaded as a PDF or sent off for Print-on-Demand. It can also be shared to social media and emailed. There’s no better way to leverage your real estate marketing dollar.

Create it once. Share it many.
iPad and iPhone

Media Center Mobile:

Your Marketing Hits the Road.

We’ve optimized the ROQlogic Media Center for use on your tablet or smartphone. It’s the same functionality, flexibility and marketing power, only streamlined for ease-of-use on mobile devices.

So now when you’ve just had your first meeting with a new seller or buyer, you can quickly and easily send them a thank you, a backgrounder on yourself or some property information right then and there.

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