Protect your Real Estate Company Brand and Messaging

The Media Center is structured to provide maximum control over how your real estate brand and messaging are delivered. The system provides a wide berth of flexibility for you to determine, on a template-by-template basis, how agents interact with your designs.

Control is the key to protecting your brand

You control what can and can’t be edited.
You control if images can or can’t be uploaded.
You control how a template is shared.
You control who has access to what content.

Highly Configurable Templates for Maximum Flexibility.

A key part of what it takes to protect your real estate company brand is control over the content. For that reason, image and text regions in ROQlogic Media Center templates can be configured as can be edited, can’t be edited or must be edited. Image regions can also be set up to accommodate either an image or a video. Agent profile images and contact images are automatically populated by the platform. If provided, property templates can be auto-populated with Multiple Listing Service data.

protect your real estate company brand

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